2020 Holiday Cards

Category : Artworks

In continuation of last year’s holiday card theme, my 2020 holiday card featured my cat, Daphne, at the center of a wreath with red berries and a red bow. The main wreath and Daphne cat image were printed in black ink, and the berries and bow were filled in with red watercolor.

I like to keep my linoleum in blocks for easy registration rather than cutting out the positive image. This resulted in some background noise on the otherwise white background since the carved linoleum received some ink inadvertently as it can be difficult to keep large white spaces clean on relief prints. I chose to keep them in the print rather than work to remove them as I felt it added some charm and a vintage look.

The holiday cards have been a fun diversion from my regular art practice, especially during the uncertainty of this year. Excited already for next year’s version, and perhaps more Daphne Cat cards for other holidays and occasions!

Daphne Cat Holiday Wreath in Color, Linocut Watercolor, 2020